Citizens’ Climate Lobby, a non-partisan, grassroots citizens’ organization, empowers constituents to work with their Members of Congress to implement effective climate change policies in the United States. Specifically, we advocate for national carbon fee and dividend legislation. For a more in-depth view, read our founder’s vision here.  Or listen to the first episode of Citizens’ Climate Radio “Beginnings and Transformations,” which debuted on June 27, 2016. You might also enjoy this piece from the spring 2013 New York Times “Opinionator” section: “Lobbying for the Greater Good.

The Eau Claire chapter formed in 2012, and we work in Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District. Locally, our volunteers seek to educate our community about global climate change, the impacts of climate change in Wisconsin, and how transitioning to a clean energy economy will lead to a livable future for our children, for our grandchildren, for seven generations forward–and beyond.

As of this writing, Wisconsin has seventeen active chapters and four in progress! If you don’t live near Eau Claire but are interested in getting involved with Citizens Climate Lobby, check here to see if there’s a chapter near you!