What We Do

CCL chapters submit field reports to the national office when we do one of the following to further CCL’s mission:

  • Write a personal letter to one of our Members of Congress (includes postcards and on-line message submissions)
  • Write an LTE that is published
  • Write an Op-Ed or article that is published
  • Publish an item in an on-line source (e.g., a blog of note)
  • Do a TV or radio spot
  • Hold an outreach event (tabling for CCL, making a presentation)
  • Meet face-to-face with one of our Members of Congress or their staff
  • Meet with a person/group of note in our community (CEO, Chancellor, Clergy Groups, Community Leaders . . . )

The national office compiles these monthly and keeps count of all such events. We hear progress reports throughout the year, and each year’s totals are published. And you can also see these on our national website.